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Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Marilyn Monroe on the set of Bus Stop, 1956. 

Michelle Williams, Heath Ledger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Naomi Watts, Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman, Susan Sarandon, Richard Gere, Jude Law, Uma Thurman and Liv Tyler. Rare photos of hollywood by Michael White.


Four of the most iconic dresses of cinema

Cecil Beaton - Audrey Hepburn - My Fair Lady (1964)

William Travilla - Marilyn Monroe - Gentlemen prefer Blonds (1953)

Deborah Lynn Scott - Kate Winslet - Titanic (1997)

Walter Pluckett - Vivien Leigh - Gone with the Wind (1939)



how come every time i see this 


it reminds me of this 



oh yeah and fun fact: johnny depp dropped out of high school to be in a rock band. 

is that ironic orrr….?

Marilyn Monroe with her publicist, Pat Newcomb, in 1962 © George Barris.


Darling Lauren…

Anonymous asked :

Do you think Jimmy was really rebellious or it was just the way he was ? He was a special person with a unusual personality, so what do you think explains the way he was ?

ilikeitvintage answered :



He was not really rebellious the way the movie depicted him to be. He was definitely unusual but a kind soul, loved animals, children and old people. He wasn’t aggressive. He was also shy and quite an intellect.

This is extremely important.


You know, it would be nice if children could be born into this world with an absolute guarantee that they were going to have just the right kind of bringing up and all lead happy, normal lives. Well, I guess when we get born, we just all have to take our chances.

Splendor in the Grass, 1961 (dir. Elia Kazan).

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Harold Lloyd, 1953

Marilyn’s wink

‘To Catch a Thief Car Chase Scene’

On 14 September 1982, Grace Kelly was killed in an automobile accident in Monaco, supposedly on the very same road as her famous chase scene in this film and not far from where she had a picnic scene with Cary Grant. She was 52 years old and lost control of her car after apparently suffering a stroke while at the wheel.


Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles hold newborn daughter Rebecca Welles at home in Hollywood, California, in December 1944. 


"she was absolutely the most beautiful being I ever met, male or female. She was irresistible. It was  more than how she looked outside. She radiated being that way inside too."

Marilyn photographed by Eve Arnold, 1960.